Cash Machines 2.0 Exposed Cash Machines 2.0 Scam

Cash Machines 2.0 Scam?

Why I think this is a Scam for all new affiliates

Today we are going to expose the Cash Machines 2.0 scam for what it really is! So when you read the headlines “Cash Machines 2.0 Scam” what do you think? Do you think that its a Scam or are you like me and think that the author is just trying to gain attention in order to sale you the product even though its labeled “Cash Machines 2.0 Scam” Well Let Me tell you this, I purchased Cash Machines 2.0 yesterday and I’m here to reveal the truth. I know that it has only been 24hrs and that I haven’t given this product time to actually work. That’s true! But I will justify my labeling Cash Machines 2.0 Scam in the next couple of paragraphs. But for those of you who want to judge for yourself just click below and make your own decision.


Cash Machines 2.0 Scam

So why would I label this product Cash Machines 2.0 Scam? Well simply becuase I call it how I see it. This is and elaborate scam to trap newbies into purchasing multiple up-sells. Like I mentioned earlier i recently purchased this product to perform a thorough review. A truthful unbiased review of the Cash Machines 2.0 system. So that’s what I’m going to give you. If you notice my first two post were made before and while I was actually purchasing the product so yes, like most I was real excited to get my hands on this and install my Cash Machines. But then I started to notice that they had one major goal…

The Ultimate Cash Machines 2.0 Scam

So once I clicked the link, my own affiliate link actually, I was taken to the sales page. Here this guy Aaron Ward claims to be the creator and inventor of Cash Machines 2.0 “Lie”. So immediately I smell a Cash Machines 2.0 Scam brewing! But I entertain this video and continue to watch. Great acting and superb motivational skills that would lead the average person to want to purchase this immediately! The list price is $49.00, but if you opt out of the page, a pop up appears asking you to stay on the page. So I stayed, and what happens? Another page appears with the title, “Stop I Want To Give You $20.00 Out Of My Own Pocket!” Accompanied by an additional video of Aaron Ward. Now the price has dropped to $29.00.

Cash Machines 2.0 Scam Gets Better And Better

Once you purchase the 5 Cash Machine Licenses you are then sent to an upsell page where they offer you another product claiming to make you even more money on auto pilot. Again Cash Machine 2.0 scam is still cooking! Once you opt out of that up sell page, another comes, then another, then another, then another, until you are finally sent to Empower Networks Login page. Finally! But once inside the members area the Cash Machines 2.0 Scam continues….. Definately not newbie friendly at all. More On that in my final post of this Cash Machines 2.0 Review.

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